The majority of eCommerce businesses in the USA experience some kind of check fraud. The problem is widespread and accounts for million-dollar business losses. Scammers and fraudsters manipulate checks in multiple ways to dupe businesses and customers. Hence, investing in high-security checks is worth the extra bucks in comparison to the fraud losses. Studies show that check frauds are not as common as credit card scams. But the effect of check fraud is far more significant, especially in new eCommerce startups. Thus, when a business order checks cheap, it must be evaluated for high-security features. High-security checks boast a plethora of features that eliminate fraud significantly.

High-Resolution Borders and Complex Color Patterns

The key to eliminating or preventing check fraud in an eCommerce business lies in the potential to make checks as challenging as possible to duplicate and tamper. When businesses incorporate high-security checks in their day-to-day dealing, the chances of scams and tampering become less. This is mainly because the checks use high-resolution borders and complicated color patterns. Henceforth, it becomes a big challenge for scammers to copy and replicate checks and dupe businesses and customers.

Foil Holograms and Watermarks

Foil holograms in high-security checks make it impossible for scammers and fraudsters to copy and duplicate. Thanks to holograms that incorporate internal security elements, which makes it 100% impossible to replicate. It won’t be wrong to mention that foil holograms in checks are the biggest weapon against duplication. Similar to foil holograms, the presence of watermarks also validates the credibility of checks. Watermarks can be visible when a check is held up to the light. Foil holograms and watermarks in high-security checks offer more excellent protection than traditional checks.

Anti-Copy Technology

One of the benefits of incorporating high-security checks in businesses is the utilization of state-of-the-art technology. The anti-copy technology in modern high-security checks minimizes the risks of fraud associated with business checks. The motive for using anti-copy technology is to make it as challenging as possible for scammers to implement conventional copying devices and machines to duplicate checks. Thus, when businesses order checks cheap, anti-copy technology must be equipped with top-notch security elements.

Heat-Reactive Ink and UV Ink

Heat-reactive ink or thermochromic ink is used in high-security checks. It helps to give credibility to high-security checks. Additionally, the heat-reactive ink used also aids in distinguishing between forged or replicated checks and high-security checks. Besides, the use of UV inks in checks also helps to reduce or eliminate scams as a whole. Printing in UV is complex, and the UV light gets smudged if the check is tampered with.


Targeting checks of eCommerce businesses and their customers is a common practice for fraudsters. Scammers know that several small and mid-sized businesses in the US handle checks daily, targeting easy prey. From the features mentioned above, it is clear that high-security checks are better protection than traditional checks. It is also suggested that businesses that order checks cheap must invest in high-security checks that boast a wide range of features.