This is probably not a topic that has ever caused you to stop and think, but for most people it is likely to make them stop and ponder for a moment. How do you choose the correct castor and wheel for your needs and what do you need to consider?

What to consider

Castors will be made up of various parts, and not all castors are created the same. There are quite a few factors to consider in terms of the castor construction and wheel selection that will mean the difference between something that aids you well for the task or something that is a complete production stopper.

The type of job that your castor will be doing will decide what sort of features you will require. If you want some expert advice then speaking with Richmond Wheel & Castor Co, one of the market experts will be of real help. Now, down to the ‘nitty gritty’, here are some of the most prominent things to understand and to be sure of before making your purchase.

  • Wheel Circumference:Larger wheels get you further with less effort involved so you probably want to get the biggest wheels possible. Will want a wheel as large as possible, without affecting the balance of your load.
  • Swivel scope: With a fixed castor this isn’t something you need to think about however, if you require the castor to revolve then it’s crucial that you make sure it can revolve freely without hitting the base of whatever you are attaching it to.
  • Load threshold: Every castor type will be designed to carry a maximum load weight, be sure to check what sorts of weight loads you will be moving around or you could have a problem.
  • Bearings: Bearings are a really important thing to bear in mind, the better your bearings are means that your castor wheel and load will move more easily and with less effort.
  • Brakes: Many castors come with the option of a braking feature, there are different kinds of mechanisms for different purposes, making the correct choice will make all the difference.
  • Mounting brackets: Your choice of bracket all depends on how you want your castor mounted or what you want it mounted to. Some offer top plates, which are flat and bolted or screwed into place, others have a lock in stem mounted assortment that need to be inserted into a hole in your base.

When deciding upon the right castor for the job, it all really hinges on what you will be doing and where the castor needs to go.