In any construction related project, where multi-family housing constructions are undertaken the estimated cost will differ based on the type of project. However, it is possible to collect certain data and based upon that it is possible to make an estimate.

In any multifamily construction project not only what you provide in the construction work will have bearing upon the cost but also lots of things will be decided by the kind of services that are available in house.

Also, in the location where already housing boom has taken place, in such location the cost of labour will also be very high and at the same time the availability of the trained labour will always be a major concern.

However, based on various factors following are few data that has been established and the cost of construction will be as follows:

  • If the construction is in suburban areas and the house is 2-3 story with wooden frame walk-up and no amenities is provided then the construction cost may vary between $130/sq. ft. to $160/sq. ft.
  • The same as above provided with certain amenities also in suburban areas will have the cost between $140/sq. ft. to $170/sq. ft.
  • If the construction site is in urban area with 2-3 story with wooden frame walk-up along with surface parking having amenities or no amenities there is no data available.
  • In case, the construction site is located at suburban area and the building is 3 to 6 story wooden frame having podium or wrap and no amenities will have cost of $150 to $180/sq. ft.
  • For construction in suburban areas with 3 to 6 story wooden frame having podium or wrap and also having necessary amenities then the cost is $160 to $190/sq. ft.
  • Construction in urban areas with 3 to 6 story wooden frame having podium and without any amenities will also cost $160 to $190/sq. ft.
  • Construction in the urban areas with 3 to 6 story wooden frame having podium with amenities will cost $170 to $200/sq. ft.

All the cost ranges that have been indicated above in each category will reflect the density of units/square foot, and also level of finish as well as complexity level of the site or building.

However, you must understand that all the data mentioned above for basic information only, which cannot be interpreted in any manner as a construction bid in order to provide the construction services.