Products are often evaluated first by their box design. It’s important to create an excellent custom box design to maximize functionality and improve sales. If you’d like to increase your sales, keep in mind the packaging is vital. Your box can say a lot about your business. Take the time to choose the right design and materials and maximize its impact on potential customers. Here are five guidelines for building an appealing product box design.

Your product package is a reflection of your brand and marketing strategy. Whether you’re selling tires, home improvement tools, clothing or electronics, it’s imperative to create a custom box design that speaks to your ultimate goals. Your packaging design should make a positive impression on your customers, which means using a unique graphic or a picture you approve of. A potential customer might be confused if they open your package to find your product covered with a blanket or have uneven padding.

Make sure your custom box design speaks to your customers in an attractive way. One idea is to use a contrasting color for your packing material. If you sell kitchen appliances, you might want to use black or dark-colored paper. If your products require special handling, consider printing a reflective foil on the outside of your box. This will help keep small children from poking items inside, which could result in injury.

Don’t forget the details when creating your packaging box design. Make sure your packing slip includes the dimensions of your box so you know how to accurately wrap your items. Make sure your custom box comes with a secure lid. This will ensure the contents do not leak out. Also, you can include instructions for your return and replacement process in the box. You want your customers to receive their goods in the most sanitary condition possible.

Another detail you may want to consider is what kind of container you are going to use. You have plenty of options including cardboard boxes or glass. Boxes that are lightweight but durable work best for products that need to withstand transit. Glass, however, is a better choice if you expect many packages to come in and out of your business. Make sure your design matches the rest of your business colors, but stay away from using too many bright colors for obvious reasons.

When your customers opens up your gift, it is important that your packaging design is attractive and appealing. You will want your packing slip to reflect the message you want your recipient to take home with them. Your custom box can say a lot about you and your business. Use it to promote your business, but keep in mind that the design does not have to stand out.