LTL Shipping is the ideal way to transport small shipments or when you don’t want to rent an entire trailer. In this type of shipment, you only have to pay for the space that is occupied by your shipment. The remaining space is used by the other shippers. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to ship the products. However, whenever you are shipping a consignment the costing of it plays a crucial role. As you would be paying for the space occupied by your consignment, you might be confused about how the costing is going to be done.

How is the cost calculated?

Several determinant factors go into the calculation of the Less than Truckload shipping rates. Some of the basic and most crucial factors are:

Distance:  One of the most basic factors which weigh into the costing is the distance between the point of origin and the destination. The longer the distance, the more shipping charges would be levied.

Weight of the cargo: While you are packing the consignment,

you are going to have to take the exact dimensions of it and weigh it out. These dimensions which you are to share with the shipping company will go into the calculation of the cost. It also helps to determine which freight class do the shipped items belong to.

Mode of shipment: Sometimes you are in a hurry for products to reach their destination. So if you want to opt for expedited shipping then you might have to pay a higher fee for this service.

Type of shipment: Some shipments require special handling or equipment. Suppose your shipment includes perishables, pharmaceuticals or fragile items, then the shipping rates won’t be the same as standard cargo. It will be dependent on the special handling and equipment that is needed to transport them.

Why should you opt for LTL?

When one thinks of shipping their goods, one believes that they might have to rent the whole trailer. LTL shipping is a great option when your shipment is anything between 150 to 30,000 pounds. In this type of shipping, you don’t have to use the whole trailer. As you are paying for the space occupied it helps you to maximize the savings. One of the biggest pros is that the shipping costs are only a fraction of what you pay for renting the entire trailer. LTL shipping follows a very flexible approach. It gives you the liberty to ship smaller consignments. With the growth in your business, you can increase the volume of the consignment. The shipments can easily be adjusted to the demand and scale of your operations.

How can the experts help you?

Reaching out to the shipping experts is always a great idea. They work hand-in-hand with you to provide you with the best competitive LTL shipping rates and help in the complete streamlining of the process. Based on the weight and dimensions of the consignment they will recommend you the shipping services that would best be able to cater to you.