Building a new home from scratch can be exhausting, confusing, and overwhelming all at the same time. All parts of the house need equal attention, but when it comes to installing the roof, you can say that special attention is required.

If you live in Spartanburg, you know that you have more options when it comes to choosing a company to build a roof. Some say that Dave’s Roofing Spartanburg SC is your best choice. We’re here to set the perimeter and explain what a good roofing company is. If Dave falls under this category, then you can consider it excellent.

What is needed for a great roofing company?

In the sea of many businesses involved in building and repairing roofs, there are only a few of them who know the true value of being entirely professional and client-helping. The core of the roofing company should be the ability to provide for the needs of their clients like they are doing it for themselves.

A client who orders something needs it to be done perfectly well. They don’t want a cheap installation that will need to be reinstalled or repaired after a season of snowing and rain.

So, you can say that a good roofing company is the one that is dedicated to building something more than a roof.

When it comes to craftsmanship, an experienced and skilled crew is a must. Not just one person. This is a job for more people. Getting up there and making construction is not easy. It takes a lot of people and machinery to handle something like this.

If you’re thinking that you can do it alone because some guy on YouTube claims that he knows all the tricks for perfect DIY roofing, be sure that you’re wrong. Instead, you need a fully professional and highly equipped company that has tons of machines and trained people for this.

License and insurance

These two features are a must in the roofing business. Without a working license, no company can provide services for their clients. Every state has its own rules. Getting a permit and a working license is not easy if you’re an amateur. Only true professionals have it.

That’s why clients should look for a hire that will be licensed. Only this way they can be sure about the professionalism. You don’t want to hire someone and see how they disappear in the middle of the job. You want a full roof over your head, not just two rooms covered.

The other thing is insurance. Business liability insurance is the minimum requirement. If they don’t have it, they won’t get a permit for work too. Also, a better insurance plan means more security for you as their client. Why is this important?

Building a roof is a dangerous task. Not just in a material sense, but in terms of human lives too. Did you know that every year 50 people in the US die on the job as roofers? It’s not easy doing this job, and without a perfect insurance plan, no one can do this job properly.

If material damage is caused at your place or in the neighbors’ area, it’s good to know that the insurance will cover the problems. A company without it will need to pay everything from their pocket, and if they can’t do it, they’ll shut down the company and leave you with a half-done project. See more about the importance of it here.

Can Dave’s Roofing be trusted?

This is a company with years of experience. Their workers know exactly what they are doing, and can definitely be trusted. Why?

Because everything we mentioned above, they have on their side. They are fully insured and licensed by the state. Their technology is modern and up to date. Also, and this is very important, their reputation is flawless.

They have an A+ rating on BBB, and if you take a look at reviews from their previous clients, you’ll see that they never disappoint. Companies who never disappoint previous clients will be great for you too. If their success score is phenomenal, then you can be sure that you’ll be happy too.

Another great thing that is going to fully convince you is the portfolio on their page. You can easily see how they are doing their job. All the projects they had in the past are clearly displayed on their page for everyone to see. There’s nothing to hide. If you like what you see, you can get the same treatment.

If you don’t like what you see, then they might not be for you. This is an important issue because looks are a part of this story. Your roof should indeed be functional, but it is also important to have amazing looks. See more about roofing here:

This can be done by choosing various materials for it. Do you like it to be made out of shingles, or a full metal cover? Do you like asphalt or modern solar panels? Everything can be done if you choose a professional, and these guys are definitely professionals.

So in short, if you like a roof that will be done perfectly, you’ll get a warranty for the craftsmanship, and you won’t worry at all while the team works on it, they are an excellent choice.


Building, or even repairing a roof is a true challenge. Only those who never did can say that this is an easy job and anyone could do it. It’s not like this. It takes true professionalism and a lot of effort for doing a great job.

This is why you need a great company that will handle the issue. Fully professional, modern, equipped with the latest machines, and a team that has a long way behind them. Choosing the one we just mentioned is a great deal. If you like how they do business, be sure that you’re not going to make a mistake.