In all countries of the world, there is a need for prison where criminals and other law breakers should be kept in confinement for the duration based on their crime.

Criminal justice of every country has own legal system and procedure by which the criminals are admitted to the prison. Originally, the concept of the prison was to punish the criminals, according to the crime they have committed.

However, the present thinking in many of the advanced countries is that the idea of prison should be such that the inmates are not really punished but they are reformed so that they can come back the mainstream of the society.

Based on that, jail construction also needs suitable changes so that the prison must be meant for rehabilitating the inmates rather than giving them harsh punishment.

Criminal psychologists suggest that if you give harsh punishment to the inmates of jail, then you will convert them into a hardened criminal. So long they are in the jail, they will abide by the rules of the jail, but as soon as they are released from the jail, then they will again indulge in various crimes more vigorously.

Based on this thinking the design and construction of the prison is also undergoing necessary changes so that prisoners can also feel home and do not consider their stay in prison as a form of harsh punishment for their crime.

Most of the advanced countries of the world are now thinking in this line and also trying to redesign their existing jails to make the stay of the inmates, as if they are staying in any rehabilitating centre.

While designing the present jail, the traditional layouts are no longer followed rather they are based on certain campus of the educational institutions. The inmates must be given a more human treatment so that they feel them as a normal citizen.

More secured and safe environment is also provided to them and at the same time provisions are made so that they can be easily supervised by the prison authorities.

Unlike the old types of jails, where the rooms used to lack sufficient lights and natural environment, the present-day prisons are designed in such a way that inmates can get plenty of natural lights and also outdoor space to move around freely.

Also, proper arrangements are provided so that the health of the inmates is also taken care of. They are provided with sufficient opportunities of engaging in physical activities to keep them physically fit and agile, as long they spend their time in prison.