There is the famous publisher and the CEO of the Indie Music Website, and he has been in question in recent years. He has been a stalwart for the past few years, and he has tried to give African music the best global exposure. Abiola, who is known to have interacted with the whole world, has been given the allegation of misbehaving with his female colleagues. His conduct has been so disdainful that a strong allegation was brought about to call him the dominator, and this had a severe blow to give to his global image and standpoint.

Accusations against Abiola

Abiola Oke could not escape the accusations, and in action, he was forced to resign from his office. This is the reality of him. The towering official was brought to the surface for his shameless conduct. With one voice raised against him, all the female employees started to revolt. They game their personal opinions against this individual who was pondering upon them and made them work without empathy. Recently, he was known for his inappropriate behavior, and because he was creating a toxic work ambiance, most of the female employees were against him. They were all in voice condemning him for his alleged behavior.

Allegation Taken Seriously 

Twitter stated that such a tyrant was nowhere to be found, and he is the dirty man for the females going to the extent of extortion. With immediate effect, the company people have cut off all ties and accepted his resignation from the post of the publisher and CEO of Okayplayer and OkayAfrica at the same time. The allegation against him is taken seriously, and all actions have been taken to make him resign from the position he has been holding so far. It is a shame for such a big professional to be alleged in the way, and he is the man down in the ditch now.

All Declarations and Announcements 

The brave women who stepped forward called for all serious names against Abiola. Seeing her revolt, the others were inspired, and they too started raising their voice against the tyranny of the CEO and the publisher of OkayPlayer. More announcements would be made stating the reasons for the forced resignation of Abiola. The caption states that such a step against the man was long overdue, and he is worthy of the punishment given to him as the wrongdoer of the era. The kind of action taken against Abiola is an example for those who would like to have the same practice making the wrong use of the position.

An Example for Others

As part of the action, an outside party has been responsible for seeing the case further. They will investigate the whole matter concerning Abiola Oke along with the company practices and policies. Such an action against the offense done is like a contribution made to a positive work environment. This is all-inclusive and also respectful for those working at the place.