Car crashes can lead to devasting injuries and property damage. Generally, the at-fault party should be held liable for the related financial damages. However, to claim compensation, victim must know who this party is. Also, once they identify, they need proof of their claim. This is why they need the legal services of car accident attorneys Los Angeles. A skilled lawyer can help identify liable parties and file an injury claim on behalf of the victim. They make sure the victim gets full compensation for their injuries. Apart from collecting evidence, the lawyer will contact expert witnesses to help assess the crash and identify fault. Here are important considerations the attorney will keep in mind when helping determine fault in a car accident:

What the Police Report Says

Following a car crash, the police will assess the accident scene and create a police report that indicates fault in it. Often, this report evaluates the scene and assigns liability to a driver or more. As they assess car positions and gather witness statements, this police investigation may not cover a full assessment of the factors that could have caused the crash, including car defects. 

Which Motorist is Negligent?

When a driver operates their vehicle negligently, they can cause a crash. To determine fault in this accident, your lawyer will take into account several kinds of negligent behavior including the following:

  • Drunk driving. A driver can experience a change in their behavior, focus, and ability to maneuver their car after taking just a shot of alcohol. Consuming more drinks can interfere with their motor skills, reflexes, and ability to make sound decisions. 
  • Drowsy driving. Driving a car while drowsy can affect the ability of the driver to safely control their vehicle. The driver may fall asleep while driving and suffer a reduced reaction time and judgment, increasing their risk of a crash. 
  • Aggressive driving. An aggressive driver may swerve in and out of traffic, slam on the brake suddenly, or tailgate, making it hard for other drivers to react safely. 

Outside Factors That May Have Contributed to the Crash

Every driver should make sound decisions whenever they drive their car and take responsibility for the decisions they make. But, sometimes, external factors may contribute to a crash, making another entity liable for it. Your attorney will help determine these factors, increasing the possible compensation you may get. Other entities that may be held liable for a crash can include car manufacturers and mechanics.