Your small business needs the right pool of talent. Yes, you need people to do specific jobs, including an accountant and business consultant. Have you considered hiring an attorney yet? Regardless of whether it is about initial homework and incorporation requirements, or a business lawsuit, an attorney can be a huge asset for your company. In this post, we are sharing top reasons to hire a small business attorney Las Vegas.

  1. Because you need help with taxes. While your accountants will work on taxes and basic aspects, you still need an attorney. The lawyer can review and understand all relevant aspects of your decisions with regards to tax implications. 
  2. Because you need advice on intellectual property. Whether it is about patent, copyrights, or trademarks, you want an attorney, who can protect business intellectual property. If there is a lawsuit related to copyright infringement, your lawyer can advise accordingly. 
  3. Because real estate transactions can be tricky. For expansions and everything else related to real estate, the views and expertise of a small business attorney cannot be denied. They can advise on your business plan, including intentions to invest in real estate.  
  4. Because you would need help with litigation at some point. Let’s get real – Your business will have to take or face legal action with regards to a dispute. Litigation matters are not easy to handle, and it makes sense to seek advice from an expert you can trust. 
  5. Because you want to deal with contracts better. One of the key reasons why you want a lawyer for your small business is to review contracts. From reviewing and drafting contracts, to taking legal action when needed, your lawyer is critical for deciding how your business deals with various parties with vested interests. 

How to hire a small business attorney?

Ask around and check if you can find law firms that work for small businesses in Las Vegas. When you meet a small business attorney for the first time, ask about federal and Nevada laws that concern your business, and ask them about their advice for the same. Also, you may not have the budget to hire multiple lawyers for your company, so find a law firm that offers comprehensive services. A small business attorney who can advise on choosing between business entities, and will also handle litigation when needed, is your best bet. 

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