Setting up a new business can be one of the most stressful tasks, especially if you are planning on doing it on international grounds. However, that does not deny the several advantages you can enjoy, especially in growing economies like Dubai.

It is common knowledge that Free Zones in the Emirates are made to attract foreign investment, making them the best place for you to establish and grow your business. They offer several incentives to new, budding companies, which further increase overall profits and make several processes easier. That said, there are as many as 40 multidisciplinary Free Zones you can find in UAE.

Each of these has its own perks and benefits relevant to the businesses found here.   This further makes it quite difficult for any entrepreneur to make the ideal selection for their company. If you, too, are facing the same problems, this article can surely help. Here you will find everything that you need to know about the leading free zone, International Free Zone Authority.

Reasons to Setup Business in IFZA

The International Free Zone Authority, more popularly known as IFZA, is one of the fastest-growing free zones in UAE, and for good reason. This free zone is highly recommended for your business if you are looking for a place in the North Emirates.

For entrepreneurs looking to make an impression on the UAE market but with a tight budget, IFZA is the best solution. In addition to that, there are a number of licensing types for both international businesses and SMEs you can find here. As of now, IFZA offers:

  • Industrial license
  • Holding license
  • General trading and trading license
  • Service and consultancy license

However, that is not where the benefits end. Further mentioned below, you will find some of the more well-known advantages of opening a company in IFZA.

  • Promotions And Discounts:

This free zone is constantly trying to help and guide entrepreneurs through their journey. This is also the reason it hosts a monthly promotion, to further make new entries in the market financially feasible. For instance, just last year, IFZA hosted a promotion that waived as much as AED 3,750 from the Visa application fees. The great thing is this is not a one-time offer. As long as the applicant has the IFZA company and the Visa needs to be renewed, the same fee will be applicable.

  • High Number Of Business Activities:

Another amazing feature of IFZA is that, with more than a thousand business activities available here, you are allowed to combine them all in one license, as long as they lie in a relevant business field. For instance, IT repair services, IR consultancy and IT equipment trading will all be accepted under one license. On the other hand, other Free Zones would have to acquire a separate license for each activity, which might cost you more.

With such amazing benefits, IFZA is undoubtedly a great choice to set up your new business as per Emirabiz. There are not many other Free Zones that come with such amenities, making it a perfect fit for your venture.