In many commercial facilities, water-insoluble grease and oils build on the surfaces of machinery and equipment. In kitchens, grease will begin to collect on vent fans, which can create a fire hazard. Grease is highly flammable in any environment and must be removed. After you have tried scrubbing with soap and water, you may find the water-insoluble substances are still left. Animal fats or petroleum products will continue to collect on hard surfaces creating a work-safety issue.

Prevent Workplace Injuries

In the automotive and manufacturing industry, grease must be used to create lubrication. However, it is very unsafe when it begins to build up. Grease, grime, and other oil-based products will lubricate warehouse floors creating a slip hazard. When heavy machinery is being operated, this puts employees at risk for significant injury. Degreasers or products that remove this grease are designed to lift and clean the hardest substances. It will help keep employees safe so you are not liable for their injuries. It is best to use degreasers daily after each shift. It is much more difficult to degrease hard surfaces after a month of build-up than after a day.


Degreasers are available in multi-forms for multi-use purposes. You can buy degreasers in the forms of solutions, foams, wipes, powders, and sprays. You will want to determine which form is best for your industry. It is not cost-efficient to purchase degreaser wipes to clean a manufacturer floor. On the other hand, degreaser wipes work great on oily kitchen tables. Sprays are an excellent choice for those hard to reach areas such as vents and the in-between spaces. Degreaser solutions can be used to mop large surfaces such as concrete flooring.


Not all brand-name degreasers use the same chemical compounds. You will find that some brands such as APTS chemical degreasers work better than others. You will also notice, like anything, that some brand-name products are much less expensive than other brands. The three most common types every brand degreaser sells include butyl, non-butyl, and heavy duty degreasers. Butyl is a water-based degreaser solution while non-butyl is not. Butyl degreasers work best on motor oil while non-butyl degreasers work best to clean animal-fat-based grease. In a large industrial setting, heavy duty commercial degreasers will cling and clean surfaces that often cannot be reached by hand. These solutions can be applied to heavy equipment and rinsed rather than scrubbed.