Controlling noise levels in an office is vital to create a comfortable working environment that can make your employees productive. When you run a busy office or call centre that makes lots of noise, you will want to find ways to help control this, allowing people to hear above it and carry on with their tasks. There are various ways to control the noise your employees make in your office and help ensure it does not get too loud, which can be a massive distraction and reduce productivity significantly. Below are some tips to help you make a comfortable working environment for your business and control noise levels, so they do not get too high and affect the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Install A Noise Absorbing Ceiling

When you use a ceiling material that can help to absorb noise, such as an acoustic MF ceiling, it can help significantly reduce the noise levels in your office and make it a more comfortable working environment. These types of ceiling tiles use materials that absorb noises and can also help stop them from spreading to other parts of the building. There are many options of acoustic ceiling tiles you can use in your office space, with options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Avoid Hard Floor Surfaces

You will also want to avoid having hard floor surfaces in your office, which will help to echo noise and reverberate it around the space. The best option for reducing the sound in your office is using a soft flooring material, such as cork tiles, carpets, and rugs, but they must be hardwearing and able to handle heavy foot traffic. You can use a combination of softer flooring materials and harder ones that make it easier to keep clean if you wish but doing that may mean you need to use alternative ways to help reduce the echo and noise levels in your office.

Include Plants In The Décor Of Your Office

Another way you can help reduce the noise in your office is by having plants throughout the space, which will also help to make it a nicer environment for your workers. Depending on your preference, you can choose natural plants or artificial ones, and they can help reduce echo by absorbing sound waves and helping create a pleasant environment.

Break Up The Space

You can also use office partition that can help divide the space in your office and also absorb sound. There are various options of office partitioning you can use that can absorb sound waves and offer acoustic insulation, with options to suit all tastes and budgets. Selecting suitable partitions to break up the space in your office can help you control noise levels and ensure they do not get too high.

Dress Up Your Walls

You can also add things to your walls to help reduce the echo in your office, and you can use forms of soundproofing, but other things work you can consider using. You can have artwork on your walls, or hang a tapestry which will absorb sound, or considering using acoustic felt on your walls.