When your Markem-Imaje printer runs low on ink, you have several options for refilling the cartridge or bottle. Here is a closer look at what to look for when searching for compatible inks.

What is Markem-Imaje Ink?

Markem-Imaje compatible ink is designed specifically for use in printing systems of the same brand name. The Markem Corporation was established in 1911 and is responsible for the development of continuous inkjet technology.

Purchasing OEM-compatible Markem-Imaje inks helps save money. Compatible formulas typically require no flushing or filter change. You can simply replace the fluid as needed.

Choosing the Right Type of Ink for Your Markem-Imaje Printer

When choosing ink for your printer, you must first consider the substrate and type of product that you plan on printing on. For example, food packaging will likely require different ink compared to most other industrial printing applications.

Markem-Imaje inks are suitable for a variety of printing applications, including:

  • Food packaging inks
  • Alcohol resistant inks
  • Cable coding inks
  • High adhesion inks
  • General purpose inks
  • UV readable inks

Markem-Imaje compatible inks come in multiple sizes and pigments to suit your specific needs. Along with black, you can find available options in blue, purple, white, and UV ink.

Before buying ink for your Markem-Imaje printer, review the OEM reference numbers for compatible fluids. Many manufacturers offer replacement additives for a wide range of Markem-Imaje coding printers.

What Is Food-Grade Markem-Imaje Ink?

Food-safe inks are free of all UV-reactive properties. These products are also non-toxic, fast-drying, and designed specifically for printing on packaging intended for food or beverages.

Food packaging that may require food-safe ink includes shrink sleeves, cans, glass bottles, cardboard cartons, and flexible plastic packaging.

What Is UV-Readable Markem-Imaje Ink?

UV-readable ink dries clear and remains clear until exposed to UV light. UV cameras and laser readers can also detect the ink, making it a popular security solution.

People also refer to UV-readable ink as invisible ink. It remains invisible to the naked eye. UV-readable inks are often used when printing packaging for pharmaceuticals and luxury goods, such as jewellery. You may also need UV-readable inks for event tickets, vouchers, or coupons.

How Much Markem-Imaje Compatible Ink Do I Need?

Many Markem-Imaje inks come in bottles. Standard sizes include 800 ml and 1000 ml (1 litre). If you require a large volume of ink, you can typically buy in bulk. Purchasing a larger bottle or drum of replacement additives for your Markem-Imaje may save you time and money.