Are you a Singapore-based SME owner looking for funds? If you aspire to improving the production and business infrastructure by applying for bank loan then you should try your luck in receiving funds from the PSG grant. Visit the PSG grant website where you can get the chance to apply for the grant if all the criteria mentioned by the Government match with your SME.

Now, as you on the verge of applying for a PSG funding, you should consider a few things to follow the whole process without making any mistake letting it easy for the screening team to reject your application.

Consult with an expert

You should start with consulting and expert in this matter. There are many ERP companies that are also the registered vendors with the government. You can seek professional help from such a consultancy that can provide you a thorough guidance starting from applying for the PSG grant to approval.

The best consultancy can also guide you in providing the best solution for shaping up your small business soon after receiving the funds from the Singaporean government.

Visit the PSG grant website

On visiting the PSG website, you can learn a lot about the process. Though there are three things which you need to have as criteria to apply for the grant otherwise, it’s a less hazardous process if you understand it thoroughly.