Nobody wants to suffer any loss in any way, especially when the loss is associated with their money. This is why several people ensure that they take maximum measures to prevent any sorts of risk that might result in their loss.

One such risk that businesses and high rise buildings constantly face is the risk of fire. Fire is a deadly peril that can cause a lot of destruction if not prevented. The condition has improved a lot since the fire protection systems were invented, but that is not enough. That is why the need for additional security rises, and this comes in the form of Fire Watch Guards. The people are trained to prevent fires and to deal with them during a fire breakout.

Reasons Why Fire Protection Systems Are Not Enough

  • The fire protection system prevents most of the fire worldwide, but often when there is some malfunctioning with the system, that can have severe effects in case a fire breaks out.
  • Often, when a fire breaks out, the fire alarms do not go off because of technical faults, and it proves to be disastrous.
  • Water sprinklers are always installed in commercial buildings and even homes so that a fire can be stopped, but there are chances of the sprinklers malfunctioning when a fire breaks out.

Nobody can completely rely on these automatic systems entirely. Therefore, it is wise to have a backup in the form of Fire Watch Guards.

Fire Watch Guards

Fire watch guards are just like security guards, but instead, they are specially trained to prevent the breakout of fire and deal with it if it breaks out. They have various responsibilities.

  • One of the primary responsibilities of a fire watch guard is to analyze the fire risks that may be unseen.
  • They are also responsible for ensuring that all necessary measures are taken for the prevention of fire.
  • In case a fire breaks out, it is their responsibility to inform the fire brigade about the breakout of fire and take necessary steps to prevent the spread of the fire in the meantime. If a fire breaks out and people wait for the fire brigade to arrive and do not take any steps till then to stop the fire or to rescue the people, then the fire could prove to be deadly and may even get out of the hands of the fire brigade when they arrive.
  • Minimizing casualties and injuries is also an important responsibility of Fire Watch Guards. They are well trained in rescuing people and escorting them to safe zones.

Fire watch guards are well trained in all of these aspects. They provide a great backup in case of a fire protection system malfunction and work alongside the system to identify all types of fire hazards and ensure that necessary measures are taken to prevent those. This is the very reason why it is utterly necessary to have Fire Watch Guards.