Taking your business to the next level is really important to be relevant in this highly competitive marketplace where new firms are coming up with better solutions and innovations. So if you are a thriving Indian company that is looking to expand and explore global markets, then this is the right time to take that leap of faith. In this blog, we have suggested strategies through which you can leverage data to find opportunities outside India.

Which are the biggest business markets outside India?

Two countries that are perfect to step into for an Indian company are the US and the UK. So, if your business is thinking of expanding overseas, opt for either of these or both. But, the question arises as to how. To answer this, we have summarized the strategies you must consider to enter the UK and the US business markets.

How to Grow Business Faster with Data and Analytics?

In today’s day and time, everyone has access to data from which we can draw insights and solutions. Here are some ways to boost your business growth with the help of such data and analytics.

  1. Finding Opportunities for your Indian Business

The first step to entering a new market is thorough research. Use a database consisting of UK or/and USA company information to select your target audience and learn more about them. Such comprehensive data will help you know the precise details of potential prospects. This way, you will get a crystal clear view to set goals, analyse competitors, locate opportunities, and strategize your plan of action.

  1. Provide Information to your Business Team

Once you have the UK and/or USA company information, you can segregate the data and give your team the reports and tools needed to be productive and successful. With the data, they can plan sales, marketing and advertising strategies that will fuel growth in your business. Using data in your business will enhance decision-making by three times. Furthermore, the benefits of data will help you reduce risks and give more confidence to improve business efficiency and profits.

  1. Use Analytics & Insights to Drive Sales Conversations

Once you have complete information about prospects, sales conversations become better and more profitable. Having accurate data on target customers helps your business team create campaigns that generate interest among potential customers. Therefore, effective use of data can generate continuous revenue for your company. So investing in a reliable database becomes quintessential.

Where to Get UK & USA Company Information for Business Growth?

If you have made up your mind to expand your business in countries like the UK and the US, it is the right time to employ a reliable platform that provides accurate data and insightful analytics. Such database is provided by the world’s top business intelligence platform, Dun & Bradstreet, in their interface, D&B Hoovers. Get access to extensive UK and USA company information to recognise the right target audience for your business. D&B Hoovers enables your sales and marketing experts to accelerate business growth, sales and enhance go-to market activity. Browse in-depth information about their platform on Dun & Bradstreet’s official website.