Which is your most preferred application to use, a pdf or word? This is a mind-boggling question that nobody knows where to rely on. Both are attributed with features that are stunning to use. For instance, a pdf file acts professionally, provides good quality, and is widely used even in the court of law. On the flip side, Word is a big yes to the university students, lecturers, and can be used by business people to jot down their companies plan.

That’s said; it can be bewildering on the type of application to embrace for your lifetime use. With both being the mainstreams application embraced globally, they are to some points associated with some drawbacks that can lead one to shift from Pdf files to word. Take this; can you manage to edit your content while in a pdf format? Is it possible to format your short story, play, and novel while in pdf documents?

Before choosing an application, you must ask yourself the downside of it. Words to is featured with cons that can turn you off especially when you want to use a piece of urgent information and there is no power. Typically, word operates under the presence of a powered computer or PC. When there’s no power, it can be hard to access your documents when you don’t have the application installed on your phone.

Thus, the use of PDF to some extent overpowers the use of word due to the professionalism pdf files have over word documents. Nonetheless, editing content and typing is the order of the day. Having a pdf file will make you work hard in terms of editing, composing texts or formatting. Therefore, you’ll be required to convert the pdf to word for easy editing.

While converting pdf to free word, you might encounter some conversion problems. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the conversion problems you need to know.

Still reading, let’s dive into the plunge;

  1. The final Docx might have problems with font
  2. Text problems may be evident
  3. Page format issues

The final Docx might have problems with font

This is one of the big problems you might encounter. Therefore, you must ensure the font styles used in the initial file are included in the converted file.

The font size is the beauty of your content, thus, try and see to it that the text areas are needed. During conversion, font problems might occur.

Text problems may be evident

Another problem laced with conversion is the lack of text originality. The previous text might be distorted during conversion. If you don’t follow up on your content after the process, you might end up with unprofessional work full of missing texts in the documents.

To solve text problems, examine your layout before conversion.

Page format issues

Page layout might be solved by following the underneath steps;

Try using another version of pdf converter

You can replace some of your illustrations with bitmaps

For unattractive images, smooth your format.


After doing a conversion, make sure to check your texts, page layout, and fonts to make sure they are as per your intended use.